Platonic Bed Sharing Animation

Original text by Lena Dunham from her book Not That Kinda Girl. Lena Dunham did an excellent job of painting a different - and sometimes weirdly amusing - picture in her book Not That Kinda Girl.

Her story stick with me because parts of it feel very true to how I feel. This however is not the case at all with the chapter on Platonic Bed Sharing. It intrigues me to no end. Do people actually do this? And why am I just hearing of this now? So I was lucky to find Dunham’s concise and insightful list of whom to platonically share a bed with – and whom not to platonically share a bed with. I was inspired to work with different color contrasts: both pleasing and unsettling. This way I want to evoke an even bigger emotion with my audience on top of Dunham’s words.

For this reason, I kept the animation and composition minimal and more on the background. Telling stories about emotions, personal experiences and thoughts are always the ones that stick with me.

My goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of how to do precisely this with as little as possible.